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T & C’s

Skinart Terms and conditions

The following are the terms and Conditions of our service and any person or organization booking on one of our courses agree to these terms and conditions

Booking Fee – any money payed in part or in full for the booking of any course is not refundable. The course fee must be paid in full prior to the course beginning. Students are only entitled to training and equipment that they have paid for and is indicated on their invoice.

Course Dates – If any published course does not have a full quota of 4 students, management reserves the right to reschedule the course.

Tattoo Kits –  If The tattoo equipment is supplied with the course it is subject to change due to current stocks, if the student does not pay for the course 30 days before the course start date there may be delays on the delivery of the tattoo kit. Tattoo kits provided have no warantee as they are not purchased. Tattoo kits may or may not have a case.

Piercing Kits – Piercing Kits are not provided unless they are specifically mentioned in our advertising and so are an optional extra to any course.

Tattoo Training – The Course is carried out by a team, the master tattooist may only be present for 3 – 4 days of the course and the remainder of the training will be under the resident trained tattoo artists and or body piercers.

Training Venue – We provide training in many different venues, these vary from hotel rooms, tattoo shops, student homes or home studios. These venues are at the discretion of Skinart Tattoo Training.

Course Material – Skinart training videos and training material is the property of Skinart and no removal from the course, copying or recording is allowed.

Take Home Documents – Skinart will provide necessary documents to conduct the tattoo or piercing process. Additional 3rd party videos may be provided as an aid to learning. Student are advised to take notes during the course.

Practical Training – We provide equipment and materials for practical training during the course, it is the students responsibility to provide a model for any procedures that they would like practice on a person under our supervision.

Mental Attitude – Carrying out a  permanent procedure on a person requires a large amount of self confidence. We cannot provide that in the course duration, what we can do is provide you with the knowledge you need to be able to perform the processes correctly.

Any photograph or video taken during the Training course is the property of Skinart Tattoo Training and can be used for marketing, training and any other media broadcasting.

By Paying to attend any of our courses you agree to all of the above. Any person attending our course or receiving a tattoo or body piercing from Skinart, A student or employee do so at their own risk and indemnifies Skinart,  students or employees.