Body Piercing courses

Body Piercing Courses

Body Piercing Courses

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Do you have what it takes to become a master body artist?

Becoming a body piercer isn’t for everyone, but those who love body modification we can help you.

There’s a huge demand for highly skilled, dedicated piercers who love what they do. If you’ve ever wondered how to become a body piercer in a professional shop with professional pay, then you’ve found the right place to get started.

Our body piercing coursel can teach you the basics of piercing, from sanitation to safety, so that you’re prepared to get out there and show the world your best work. From tongues, to ears, to noses and more, you need to know both the skills of the trade and the tools that you’ll be using to give people a new look .

The basic body piercing course will prepare you for more advanced body piercing techniques, including how to body pierce with larger gauges, how to pierce different and highly sensitive areas of the body, and how to treat piercings which have become infected.

Our body piercing course will make sure that you can walk before you can run, by allowing you to work with a master piercer and gain real world experience in the process.

We can show you the full set of skills you’ll need to become a safe and effective piercer, starting on day one.

Why Body Piercing

  • 83% have had their earlobes pierced.
  • 33% of women with piercings choose the navel, and 19% choose the nose.
  • 18% of men and 9% of women have their nipples pierced.
  • 31% of piercings have had complications.
  • .09% of piercings required hospitalization.

It’s clear that piercing is popular.

But i the piercings themselves need to be properly performed for the best results.

Infections caused by improperly cared for piercings, or tissue damage from improperly placed piercings are all serious concerns that piercers without training or experience may encounter or cause.

Our body piercing course do more than just train you on the proper technique; they also provide training on how to recognize when and where to perform a piercing, and what to do if a piercing should experience complications.

While .09% of piercings requiring hospitalization may seem like a low number, consider that this could actually mean tens of thousands of people every year who need medical attention.

If you want to avoid those situations, and make sure that your shop and your career have the best reputation possible, you need to know what to do in every situation

With our body piercing course focused on safety, we can show you how to become a body piercer that can adapt to challenges, emergencies, and more, and operate under pressure.

Everyone wants the perfect piercing, and we show you how to get it done.

A Skill for Life


Body piercers earn cash and tips that piercers receive from grateful customers. In fact, you’ll find that piercing will bring you closer to your customers. People love to know where they can go to get a piercing that is well done, safe, and extremely attractive. They not only come back for work in the future, but they also recommend you to friends as well.

Being a piercer means getting a skill you can keep for life. You can make connections in the piercing and body modification world that will help you to network across the country. Piercing and tattoo shops can be found in every major city and in many small towns, meaning you’ll be able to find work wherever you travel.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to work toward a position of owning your own piercing shop, where you can earn more every year.

While you have to start with the basic body piercing courses on proper piercing technique, it never hurts to build your career toward a goal.

With our body piercing course, you’ll learn about what it takes to be a proper piercer so that you can start a career you and your customers will love.

On our course we teach new styles and techniques of piercing, and information on new tools that you can use to make the piercing experience quick, easy, and as painless as possible for your clients.

We give you the skills; you’ll give us results.

Our body piercing course concentrates on the big five however we also go through some of the more interesting piercings as well

The big Five Body Piercings are

  • Belly or Navel Piercing
  • Tongue Piercing
  • Eyebrow Piercing
  • Labret or Lip Piercings
  • Nose Piercing

We also cover Tragus , industrial, nipple, genital piercings

The above course forms part of our Advanced Tattoo and piercing Course

for those that only want to do the piercing Course we offer the above course inclusive of a piercing kit

(The piercing kit is not included in the cost of the 5 Day course this is an optional extra)

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Body Piercing Training

Body Piercing Training