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Tattoo Apprenticeship

Tattoo Apprenticeship

Tattoo Apprenticeship

The skills learnt by tattoo artists have been passed down by apprentices for years, but in todays society this process is dying. The days were youngsters could stay with the folks and be the tattoo artists slave for 3 years is over.

We analysed the entire Tattoo Apprenticeship process of (6000 Hours) we removed

  • Learning to make needles for 6 months (1000 hours) (No longer needed as artists buy ready made needles)
  • Cleaning the Tattoo Studio and sterilizing(800 Hours)
  • Making coffee(100 Hours)
  • Smoking, Talking, laughing, playing Cards, playing PlayStation, hanging on the counter,(1200 Hours)
  • Drawing (1000 Hours)
  • Watching Tattoos Being Done (300 Hours) Apprentices soon get bored with watching
  • Doing Tattoos (1500 Hours)

Less that 200 hours are actual training is given to the apprentice. This ad hock training has no structure and so the same instructions are given over and over. Of course we are assuming that the Tattoo artist doing the training is skilled in all aspects of tattooing.

Generally at the end of an apprenticeship the new tattoo artist is only ready to start their career.

Our Tattoo Training Course is designed to provide all this training in a logical, structured way so it is easy to grasp.

Apprentice Tattoo artist
Two of our Students in their busy shop

This shop can do over 500 tattoos in a single month.